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Charcoal - Pellets - Wood

We only carry the best quality food grade BBQ pellets which offer a clean burn, produce low ash and infuse meats with amazing smoky flavors. Select from a variety of flavored woods to add extra smoky flavor to your BBQ meats.  We carry Apple, Hickory, Pecan, Oak as well as a Competition blend and a Fruitwood blend to help enhance your BBQ.

Wood chips and chunks really pump up the flavor of grilled or smoked food.  Add wood chips or chunks to your cook to create that classic smoky barbeque flavor. Chips and chunks can be used on any type of grill or smoker.  We carry Apple, Pecan, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Peach, Apricot, Plum and Whiskey Barrel chips.  

Rubs - Sauces

Diablo Grills carries an extensive line of various rubs and sauces which will allow you to perfect that flavor profile of all of your grilled or smoked meats.  We pride ourselves on the selection that we offer which has proven success on the competition circuit.  

Some of the brands we carry are Blues Hog, Swamp Boys, Rob’s Smokin’ Rub, Plowboys, Three Little Pigs, John Henry, Sweet Smoke Q, Eat BBQ, The Shed and Big Green Egg.  Stop in to take a look and feel free to ask to sample any of them. 

BBQ Accessories

Diablo Grills offers a large selection of BBQ tools and grill accessories to get the most from your grill.  Some of our selection includes but limited to pizza stones, grilling tools, brushes, mats, grill baskets, thermometers, cook books, mops, racks, lights and rotisseries.

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